Project Summary

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust is recognised as one of the leading NHS trusts in the UK. UHB employs more than 20,000 members of staff across its locations at Good Hope Hospital, Heartlands Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, and Solihull Hospital.

When two of those facilities – Good Hope Hospital and Heartlands Hospital – had an urgent need for ward space due to rising patient numbers and the ongoing impact of Covid 19, they turned to McAvoy.

Facility2 no. 48 bed wards

LocationGood Hope Hospital & Heartlands Hospital

Time on Site14 weeks

“The NHS Shared Business Services Modular Buildings Framework was created to provide NHS Trusts with the options they need to offer effective patient care. The delivery of two 48 bed wards to the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust by McAvoy is an example of that being put into practice. The SmartCare rental service that McAvoy have provided to the Trust allows for both stability over a 10-year period, as well as the flexibility to relocate or repurpose the accommodation over that timeframe. At a time of rising energy prices when the NHS is also looking to meet its ambitious carbon reduction targets, the air tightness levels, and energy enhancements being offered by the modular builds represent significant value.” John Cunningham, Principal Category Manager, NHS Shared Business Services.

The offsite solution

Opting for an offsite solution meant that the Trust could have its new wards operational much more quickly than would have been the case if traditional methods of construction had been chosen. Choosing an offsite solution also meant significantly less site disruption. This was particularly important as the accommodation was being installed in a live hospital environment.
As evidence of how quickly the Trust was able to have its new accommodation operational, it took just 14 weeks from delivery of the first module to handover at Good Hope Hospital and just 18 weeks are programmed from delivery of first module to handover at Heartlands, which is due to be handed over later in the year.

Accommodation provided

Each two storey building will benefit from:

  • a 24-bed ward on each floor
  • Ancillary areas
  • Clean/dirty utilities
  • Staff rooms
  • Nurses’ station
  • Reception areas
  • Toilets

Rental – the preferred choice

Rental is often the preferred choice in cases where there may be issues raising the necessary levels of capital required for permanent build. In this instance the Trust was able to avail of a financial solution that avoided significant capital expenditure and an accommodation model that allowed for relocation / repurposing either within the current location or another Trust site, if necessary, at a later stage.

Choosing a SmartCare rental option also provided the Trust with increased flexibility in terms of business planning, with the option to extend the rental period.

SmartCare rental ticks all the boxes for urgent ward requirements

Due to rising patient numbers and the ongoing impact of Covid 19, the Trust had a requirement for two 48 beds wards at the existing hospital sites. McAvoy worked collaboratively with the Trust to design and configure its SmartCare modular solution to make the best use of the available space on both sites, as well as accommodating link corridors to existing buildings.
The Trust chose long term rental as its preferred option and McAvoy was appointed to by way of a competitive tendering process through the NHS Shared Business Services Framework to provide two 48 bed wards for a ten-year rental period.

McAvoy’s experienced design team worked collaboratively with the Trust to design and configure its SmartCare modular solution to make the best use of the available space on both sites, as well as accommodating link corridors to the existing buildings.

Sustainability credentials

McAvoy’s new SmartCare modular accommodation delivers exceptional levels of air tightness, with Good Hope approaching passive levels. This achievement is made all the more impressive given the fact it is a two storey building and therefore – in normal circumstances – much more susceptible to air leakage.

Furthermore, with McAvoy’s SmartCare modular buildings being designed and built to enhanced energy and fire protection standards, the Trust was able to avail of a truly sustainable and adaptable space solution.

The Smart choice

McAvoy’s SmartCare modular building options are the perfect solution for those seeking versatile semi-permanent accommodation. They have a range of applications including clinical and surgical space, medical wards, treatment rooms, consultation rooms, laboratories, or GP facilities.

When choosing a McAvoy SmartCare modular building you can be assured that your programme delivery will have certainty and each structure can be configured to meet your precise requirements in terms of whole-life costs, sustainability, flexibility, and overall quality.

The SmartCare range, which incorporates the very latest in technology-led design, boasts superior thermal performance, enhanced air tightness and U values that exceed current performance requirements. For added design versatility they come in three compatible and interchangeable module sizes up to three storeys.


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