More than just a job

As a thriving business, supported by strong investment, McAvoy is going places – and we want bright, ambitious people to join us on our journey towards further success. If you think you might be a right-fit team member we would love to hear from you.

At McAvoy we believe in enabling our people to flourish…

Through ongoing training, mentorship, and personal development we equip our team to fulfil their responsibilities better and, in time to progress their careers. We have many examples of individuals who have joined us in trainee / junior roles and, with careful nurturing, training and encouragement have progressed through the ranks to senior positions in the business. Our current Head of Design, Group Finance Manager and several of our managers are shining examples of how, with the right levels of support and endeavor, it is possible to carve out a rewarding career path with McAvoy.

As our business continues to grow, we anticipate opportunities developing for new recruits as well as our current colleagues – why not consider joining us and see where we can take you?

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