Our semi-permanent modular fleet for rental and sales brings big advantages.​

The SmartSpace range brings all our precision and expertise together in a high-performing, efficient modular fleet for rental and sale.

Sustainable, adaptable, and future-proofed, SmartSpace offers endless configurations and applications.

McAvoy has one of the newest modular fleets in the UK and Ireland and we’re committed to growing it through an ongoing investment programme. SmartSpace is fit for the future and designed to meet and exceed future building regulation requirements.

Castlepollard Community College

Features & benefits

SmartSpace incorporates the very latest in technology-led design

Boasts superior thermal performance

Enhanced air tightness and U values that exceed current performance requirements

90-minute plus fire rating floor to floor

60-minute plus fire rating inside to outside

A2 non-combustible cladding, insulation, and roofing

Stackable configuration of up to three storeys

For added design versatility and re-usability they come in three compatible and interchangeable module sizes


With fast-track delivery our modular buildings can support our customers in meeting immediate needs, for example, to cope with classroom shortages, emergency health requirements or office expansions, without having to make large capital investment. Within the health and education sectors, for example, this can enable funds to be invested into upgrading equipment or hiring staff, resulting in improved overall service levels.

We can support you with assurance of supply, expert advice, Design / CAD service, Site Preparations and any required Groundworks, Delivery, and Installation Services.

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