Delivering adaptable temporary & permanent facilities to the healthcare sector

We work as a collaborative partner to the healthcare sector, delivering patient and service-focused modular building solutions to help address the rising demand for healthcare facilities.


Whether you have temporary or permanent needs we can deliver a space to suit your requirements., The health sector is facing unprecedented challenges making it vital that spending on new builds, extensions and temporary facilities is made to work harder and smarter than ever before. 


Complete hospital buildings

Decant facilities

Ward extensions

Temporary and Permanent spaces

Community Diagnostic Centres (CDC’s)

Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC)

Medical Wards

Ambulatory facilities

Treatment and consultation Rooms

GP surgeries

Operating theatres

Health centres

Elective care centres

Urgent treatment centres

Endoscopy suites

Community hospitals


Office accommodation

Our temporary solution enables us to respond rapidly and deliver additional facilities to you when you need them most. Whether you need decant facilities to keep up with changing demands or multi-functional spaces to deal with an unforeseen crisis, we have a solution to suit. Our temporary buildings can be rented or purchased, and can be extended, repurposed or relocated, providing you with ultimate flexibility. 

We provide permanent design and build solutions to the healthcare sector, managing projects from conception, through design and manufacture to completion. We use a platform-based approach with standardised, repeatable components which enables us to create flexible, highly configurable spaces. Early engagement and consistent collaboration with our clients enables faster and better decision making, and our consultative style includes an open BIM approach to achieve consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.

Why McAvoy?

Build faster

On time & on budget

Reduced environmental impact

Certified building systems

Reusability & recycability

Minimum disruption

“With the new development at Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital, the Trust is demonstrating a dynamic approach with its use of modern methods of construction. The quality of the facility to meet the clinical requirements is our main driver for a McAvoy offsite solution. We will also benefit from a huge reduction in the build programme – from at least two years to just 12 months. This will bring enormous benefits for reducing waiting times in A&E next year and the new ambulatory care unit will enable us to assess, treat and discharge patients more quickly.”
Robert Sanderson
Deputy Director of Capital Projects, Northumbria Healthcare FM
Basildon Hospital

Procurement options

We work as a key partner on a number of public sector frameworks for healthcare buildings, including NHS Shared Business Services, Offsite Construction Solutions Framework and the LHC Modular Buildings Framework. The modular frameworks complement the speed of offsite construction by providing OJEU-compliant, rapid, and cost-effective procurement.

Minimised disruption

Our modular space solutions are suitable for highly constrained hospital sites, minimising disruption to patient care during installation. Sites that are completely inaccessible for traditional construction can be developed and existing facilities can be expanded rapidly and cost effectively, both vertically and horizontally. All our standard and bespoke modular space solutions recognise the need for expertly planned, comfortable, safe surroundings conducive to providing better healthcare.


We recognise the importance of maintaining outstanding communications throughout a project and fully appreciate operational obligations when working in live patient environments. In these instances, offsite techniques can significantly reduce disruption to patient care and to the local community by having the majority of construction undertaken in strictly controlled factory conditions as opposed to onsite.

Temporary solutions

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