Working in partnership with the public and private sector

McAvoy is a long-standing and trusted partner to public and private sector healthcare providers in the delivery of both permanent and semi-permanent buildings. Our expert SmartCare team is adept at delivering patient and service-focused solutions to help address the growing need for flexible, fit-for-purpose accommodation. Our standard and bespoke healthcare offering ranges from:

  • Complete hospital buildings
  • Ward extensions
  • Operating theatres
  • Endoscopy suites
  • Laboratories
  • Same day emergency care (SDEC)
  • Ambulatory & emergency care facilities
  • GP surgeries & health centres
  • Office accommodation
“With the new development at Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital, the Trust is demonstrating a dynamic approach with its use of modern methods of construction. The quality of the facility to meet the clinical requirements is our main driver for a McAvoy offsite solution. We will also benefit from a huge reduction in the build programme – from at least two years to just 12 months. This will bring enormous benefits for reducing waiting times in A&E next year and the new ambulatory care unit will enable us to assess, treat and discharge patients more quickly.”
Robert Sanderson
Deputy Director of Capital Projects, Northumbria Healthcare FM

What We Do

We work as a key partner on a number of public sector frameworks for healthcare buildings, including NHS Shared Business Services, Crown Commercial Services Framework and the LHC Modular Buildings Framework. The modular frameworks complement the speed of offsite construction by providing OJEU-compliant, rapid, and cost-effective procurement.

Our inspiring modular space solutions are suitable for highly constrained hospital sites, minimising disruption to patient care during installation. Sites that are completely inaccessible for traditional construction can be developed and existing facilities can be expanded rapidly and cost effectively, both vertically and horizontally. All our standard and bespoke modular space solutions recognise the need for expertly planned, comfortable, safe surroundings conducive to providing better healthcare.

We have the capabilities and experience to deliver seamless extensions which maintain patient flows, self-contained units, and health centres through to full hospital complexes – in compliance with all relevant requirements – HTM, HBN, SHTM, WHTM and HAI-SCRIBE.

Basildon Hospital

Our SmartCare Range

Our SmartCare modular building options are the perfect solution for those seeking versatile semi-permanent accommodation for the healthcare sector.

They have a range of applications including Clinical and Surgical space, medical wards, treatment rooms, consultation rooms, laboratories, or GP facilities.

When choosing a McAvoy SmartCare modular building you can be assured that your programme delivery will have certainty and each structure can be configured to meet the precise requirements of the health sector in terms of whole-life costs, sustainability, flexibility, and overall quality.

The SmartCare range, which incorporates the very latest in technology-led design, boasts superior thermal performance, enhanced air tightness and U values that exceed current performance requirements. With a 90-minute plus fire rating floor to floor and a 60-minute plus fire rating inside to outside, complemented by A2 non-combustible cladding, insulation, and roofing, every SmartCare building is industry-leading and offers a stackable configuration of up to three storeys. For added design versatility they come in three compatible and interchangeable module sizes.

Our QSpace Range

QSpace provides an immediate solution for those who need additional space fast.

QSpace comes in 3 different module sizes that can be installed and ready to use in just one day.

QSpace is ideal for meeting immediate needs, for example, to cope with classroom shortages without having to make large capital investment.

The adaptable modules can be linked side by side and stacked up to two storeys, giving you ultimate flexibility to create a space which suits your needs.

Available for rental and sale, the QSpace range offers spacious interiors giving you the ability to provide spaces that not only inspire but provide superior thermal performance and Uvalues that exceed current building regulations.

Importance of Communication

We recognise the importance of maintaining outstanding communications throughout a project and fully appreciate operational obligations when working in live patient environments. In these instances, offsite techniques can significantly reduce disruption to patient care and to the local community by having the majority of construction undertaken in strictly controlled factory conditions as opposed to onsite.

With early engagement, our specialist healthcare teams will support trusts in preparation of their outline business cases to expand capacity quickly and efficiently. When acting as Principal Contractor we work with our integrated specialist healthcare architectural and engineering teams to offer a full range of services – from design and planning to ground works, offsite manufacture and fitting out, landscaping, testing, and commissioning.

Funding your Healthcare project

We offer a highly flexible financing option to respond to the increasingly constrained capital budgets across the NHS. This allows trusts to increase capacity using modular construction with a highly flexible operating lease option. This funding solution has low set up costs, and is accounted for as revenue expenditure, spread over the life of the lease.

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