Our Permanent Off-site Construction build teams employ lean manufacturing and our very own Build 21 techniques to ensure we think and work smarter on every project.

Permanent Off-Site Construction

Utilising offsite technology we are able to construct Permanent buildings that range from single to multi-storey options.
We are the Principal Contractor for these all-inclusive buildings that are manufactured in stringent controlled factory environments. We work proactively to partner with the best designers, environmental engineers and architects to help streamline the entire Stay Put product offering - from concept to delivery. We ensure that early advice and input is provided on lighting design, ICT, acoustic, fire engineering, landscape and access to ensure optimum design and functional quality. The building can be fabricated from wood or steel with up to 70 per cent of the finished product completed in­-house before being transported and assembled on the final building site.
Permanent buildings can be fused with existing buildings or come as stand alone turn-­key solutions that represent a time efficient, quality controlled construction provision.

Our buildings are designed with maximum sustainability in mind, built off-site in controlled factory environments and transported by our expert teams to their permanent 'home'.
  • A bespoke build tailored to your needs
  • Reduced construction programme
  • Reduced on­site disruption
  • Waste reduction
  • BIM inspired engineering
  • Competitive costs
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Our modular builds are the flexible choice that combine portability with McAvoy's trademark quality assurance.

Modular Build

The modular building that offers complete flexibility with quality assurance.

Using the same codes of practice for the offsite construction process, these builds are also designed in a factory setting keeping re-use and re-purposing in mind. Our off-site modular buildings can be relocated and transported multiple times making them an ideal solution for clients who require absolute flexibility without compromising on quality.

This modular type can meet a temporary space need and guarantees fast delivery, ease of movement and enormous resilience with competitive costs.

  • Future flexibility
  • 40% faster than traditional construction
  • Guaranteed quality standards
  • Reduced building programme times
  • Minimal site disruption
  • Competitive costs
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Our modular hire product is a tough, durable and portable build for temporary use.

Modular Hire

The tough, durable and portable build for temporary use.

Our modular hire option provides an immediate solution direct from the manufacturer.

Modular hire is the perfect solution for instant and rapid building needs whether they are in the education, health, commercial, retail or hospitality and leisure sectors.

The McAvoy hire option means there’s no need to incur capital expenditure and dispatch is immediate. Site works are carried out, if required, and a design service is available so that all client requests can be met.

  • Experienced sales team to deal efficiently with enquiries
  • Extensive fleet for use in a range of sectors including Education, Commercial & Construction
  • No need for capital expense
  • Hire direct from the manufacturer
  • Fully trained operatives for installations
  • Monthly costs agreed in advance
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