Modular space solutions

McAvoy is one of the UK and Ireland's market leaders in the precision manufacture and delivery of temporary and permanent modular buildings.

What we do

Our buildings are sought after within the health, education, and commercial sectors for their high levels of quality and aesthetics. 

We are ambitious and committed to delivering consistently high quality on any scale. 

We offer ultimate flexibility in high-quality space solutions – our SmartSpaceQSpace and ESpace ranges offer sustainable, adaptable, and future-proofed accommodation for rental and sale, whilst our permanent, design and build projects provide impressive, bespoke spaces tailored to individual client needs.

Delivering quality for 50+ years

You can have confidence in our capability to deliver quality space solutions as a result of our 50+ years of expertise, and decades of serial innovation within the modular industry.

We harness the very latest digital technology and lean manufacturing techniques within our 70,000 sq ft purpose built facility to ensure our manufacturing processes are at the cutting edge of global best practice. We are proud to be certified to the international BIM ISO 19650-2:2018 standard.

McAvoy culture is driven by three corporate values

Precise: throughout our beginning to end processes and our customer experience

Responsible: demonstrated in our approach to sustainability and the importance we attach to both authenticity and competence.

Inspiring: We are committed to delivering great, inspirational spaces – underpinned by continued innovation and exceptional talent.

We are proud and grateful for the quality of people who are led by a highly qualified and experienced board

Our 50-year history makes us one of the most experienced offsite manufacturing companies in the UK and Ireland. 

Why choose McAvoy

Less Disruption

Our modular buildings are manufactured offsite in a controlled environment, meaning minimal disruption to your business, school or healthcare facility. We ensure consistent quality that exceeds statutory requirements.

Rapid Delivery

One of the most significant advantages of using modular construction is speed; modular buildings can be delivered up to 50% quicker than traditionally constructed buildings, giving you the benefit of shorter programmes for earlier occupation.


Modular buildings are constructed using sustainable building materials and produce less waste than traditional building methods. The offsite construction process uses up to 70% less energy than traditional

McAvoy is award winning

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