Who we are

We operate a high-quality precision engineering and manufacturing facility that harnesses the very latest digital technologies. Over the last two decades our team has been responsible for a series of key innovations and modular manufacturing industry firsts.

Precise Responsible Inspiring

McAvoy culture is driven by three key corporate values.

Precise: throughout our beginning to end processes and our customer experience.

Responsible: demonstrated in our approach to sustainability and the importance we attach to both authenticity and competence.

Inspiring: We are committed to delivering great, inspirational spaces – underpinned by continued innovation and exceptional talent.

We are proud and grateful for the quality of our people who are led by a highly qualified and experienced Board.

We are financially secure and resourced for growth due to the support of London-based Investment firm, Blantyre Capital.

We are ambitious and committed to delivering consistently high quality on any scale from single, semi-permanent classrooms to complete schools, operating suites, corporate headquarters, or entire hospitals.

Our 50-year history makes us one of the most experienced offsite manufacturing companies in the UK and Ireland.

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