Project Summary

Kingsdown Primary School had a requirement for temporary SEND classrooms and a staff room due to the detection of RAAC at the school.

McAvoy was awarded the project due to its high-quality solution and previous experience in delivering temporary education facilities rapidly. The ability to install a hoist system in its SmartSpace® solution was also a key aspect in the bid.

FacilityTemporary SmartSpace® SEND classrooms and Staff room

LocationWestcliff-on-Sea, Essex

Time on Site4 weeks

The offsite solution

McAvoy’s SmartSpace solution was chosen due to its speed of delivery which minimised time spent on site ensuring there was no disruption to learning. McAvoy efficiently delivered 11 modules, with 70% of the work completed at their purpose-built 70,000 sq ft facility. The project featured three classrooms and an accessible toilet as well as 2no. QSpace units for use as an office and staff room. The entire project was successfully completed within 4 weeks from installation of the first module.

One standout aspect was the installation of a hoist system, showcasing McAvoy’s commitment to providing essential facilities for the safety of all pupils and staff. This system aids children with mobility impairments, ensuring accessibility for all within the  classroom facility.

Harnessing Sustainability

This project also included effective ways to reduce energy consumption and minimise environmental impact. The highly efficient split heating and cooling system offers advanced technology to regulate power consumption based on desired temperature.

LED lighting was used throughout the building allowing the temporary building to use significantly less energy throughout the day.

Project Challenges

McAvoy carried out surveys at the earliest opportunity at the original planned build location, these results showed that there were badgers and newts located at the site.

In order to minimise potential cost and programme implications, McAvoy worked with the client’s project team to identify an alternative location on site which kept the project within budget and programme.

Comprehensive site works

McAvoy also facilitated site works including foundations, ramps and pathways to the new accommodation.


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