Project Summary

Due to an ongoing expansion, Belfast City Airport required an office facility for the relocation of administration staff. Due to a challenging timeline, Smart Offsite® construction was the perfect solution to deliver a top class modular building and office.

FacilityAdministration Office

Building Size300m2

LocationBelfast City Airport

Time on Site8 weeks

Customer Perspective

The flexibility and speed of design, manufacture and install of the bespoke administrative unit allowed the airport to relocate administrative staff, to expedite the refurbishment and expansion plans within the departure lounge.

This enabled the airport to open the upgraded and expanded departure lounge in early summer. Providing an enhanced customer experience during the peak summer period whilst optimising revenue potential by introducing a much larger World Duty Free are and a new WHS retail outlet.
As the airport is an extremely busy site, offsite construction was the obvious choice to keep any disruption to a minimum. Excellent project management overcame issues such as traffic management and crane operation within a highly restricted site.

Project Summary

Installation of 10 steel frame modules assembled to create a 300mhigh quality office space in just 8 weeks from start to finish. Situated at the main entrance to the airport it was critical to keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

Project Challenges

Due to an extremely busy site at the entrance to the airport, traffic management was critical and only possible with collaborative working with the airport. Crane operations around the airport are strictly controlled and notifications were required to permit the use. Delivery date was the biggest challenge required by the airport in order to allow main extension works to commence within main airport building.

The Offsite Solution

Our Smart Offsite®solution was the only choice to deliver this high quality modular building and office space within the strict time frame without comprising on quality and with the guarantee of project delivery on time and budget.

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