Why Rental is the Sensible Option for Healthcare Providers

Why Rental Modular Buildings is the Sensible Option for Healthcare Providers

As healthcare providers, you know the importance of flexible and sustainable building solutions supporting your diverse needs. That’s why McAvoy has developed the SmartSpace range, a high-performing, efficient modular fleet for rental and sale that offers sustainability, adaptability, and future-proofing.

The SmartSpace range offers endless configurations and applications, making it ideal for healthcare providers who require fast-track delivery of modular buildings to meet immediate needs, such as emergency health requirements or expanding healthcare facilities without the need for large capital investments.

The Benefits of SmartSpace

Superior Performance and Safety

SmartSpace is one of the newest modular fleets in the UK and Ireland, which is designed to meet and exceed future building regulation requirements. It boasts superior thermal performance, enhanced air-tightness, and U values that exceed current performance requirements. It also has a 90-minute plus fire rating floor to floor and a 60-minute plus fire rating inside to outside, making it one of the safest and most reliable modular building solutions on the market.

In addition, the SmartSpace range is future-proofed, meaning that healthcare providers can be assured of its ability to meet future healthcare regulations and requirements.

Rental Options with SmartSpace

Cost-Effective and Customisable

Rental options with SmartSpace provide:

  • Significant cost savings for healthcare providers.
  • Enable funds to be invested in upgrading equipment or hiring staff.
  • Improved overall service levels.

Furthermore, SmartSpace is customisable to meet the specific needs of healthcare providers, including temporary facilities during renovations or expansions, enabling healthcare providers to continue providing uninterrupted care.

Expertise and Support from McAvoy

At McAvoy, we are committed to growing our modular fleet through an ongoing investment programme. We can support healthcare providers with supply assurance, expert advice, design/CAD service, site preparations, and any required groundworks, delivery, and installation services.

The Smart Choice for Healthcare Providers

The SmartSpace range is the smart choice for healthcare providers looking for flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective building solutions. With superior performance and safety features, SmartSpace can support healthcare providers in meeting their immediate and long-term needs without needing large capital investments. 

In addition to being cost-effective and customisable, rental options with SmartSpace also provide healthcare providers with the flexibility to respond to changing needs. Healthcare needs can change rapidly, and traditional construction methods can take years to complete. With SmartSpace, healthcare providers can quickly and easily expand their capacity or respond to emergencies without the need for lengthy and disruptive construction projects – allowing you to focus on giving the highest quality care to your patients.

We understand that the healthcare industry requires the highest level of safety and compliance. That’s why our SmartSpace range is designed to meet and exceed all regulatory requirements, including those related to infection control, fire safety, and accessibility. 

Our modular buildings are manufactured off-site, using the latest digital technologies and precision engineering techniques, and then installed on-site in a matter of weeks. This ensures that our buildings are safe, reliable, and comfortable for patients and staff alike. With SmartSpace from McAvoy, healthcare providers can achieve their goals without compromising patient care or safety.

We pride ourselves on providing the best modular building solutions and support. So, if you’re looking for reliable, high-performing modular building solutions, contact us today.