Reflecting on an incredible Digital Construction Week 2024

Last week, Lorraine McMorrow, Head of Digital, attended DCW in the Excel, London. The event brought together over 6,500 innovators, thought leaders, and professionals from around the world to display the latest trends in digital construction, from BIM and AI to robotics and sustainable solutions. The event took place over two days, offering attendees a glimpse into how digital advancements is transforming the built environment.

5 Key takeaways:

1. AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) were hot topics, with several sessions dedicated to exploring their applications in construction. From predictive analytics for project planning to AI-driven safety monitoring systems, the potential of these technologies to optimise processes and reduce risks was evident.

Quam Adewale, Strategic Account Lead at Microsoft presented AI in Construction: Building Tomorrow Today exploring the latest advancements in AI within the built environment. Demonstrating how it is revolutionising project management, enhancing safety protocols, and optimising resource allocation.

When using AI for construction data, the most important thing is ensuring data quality and integrity; highlighting the need for organisations to streamline data collection and management to provide meaningful insights and predictions.

2. New and Existing Suppliers

The exhibitor stands provided a fantastic opportunity to meet suppliers in person and get a hands-on demonstration of the latest tech to understand how they could be applied and add efficiencies to existing business processes.

Graphisoft recently announced the release of their BIMx application for Apple Vision Pro and attendees were able to demonstrate the solution ahead of Apple’s UK release. Apple Vision Pro is a mixed reality solution seamlessly blending digital content with the physical space. This is a great option for early Client engagement with a direct integration to Archicad via BIMx application.

Procore is an existing key software partner for McAvoy, and it was great to catch up and understand the future roadmap and development of the software including key integrations that would add significant value and complement McAvoy’s existing technology stack:

  • SustainIQ is an all-in-one sustainability reporting software that measures, monitors and reports on the social, economic, and environmental performance of a businesses.
  • breadcrumb, InnDex and MSite all offer a workforce management platform enabling the delivery of high performing compliant construction projects. Digitalising traditional ‘Pre-Site’ processes, ensuring workers turn up ‘ready to work’ having been digitally onboarded, verified, and inducted.
  • Offsight is a manufacturing project management software that supports the delivery, quality, traceability, and communication challenges of offsite and project-based manufacturing.

3. Networking and Knowledge Sharing

One of the most valuable aspects of DCW 2024 was the opportunity to network with industry peers and thought leaders. The event featured numerous panel discussions, workshops, and roundtable sessions where experts shared their insights and experiences, providing a wealth of practical knowledge that can be taken back to McAvoy.

4. Cultural Change

Lorraine participated in a panel discussion with industry leaders; Laura Gracey, Procore and Marco Bonelli, discussing digital transformation and the critical role of change management, bridging the gap between theory and practice when implementing digital solutions.

The panel shared practical insights on managing change and discussed the challenges faced with audience members. Everyone collectively agreed, the most crucial factor on determining the success of digital transformation is PEOPLE and fostering a culture of change.

5. Mental Health

The main stage took a different tone this year with a highly personal session, sympathetically chaired by Sasha Reed, who led an important conversation on raising awareness of mental health within the construction industry.

Fred Mills, B1M and Ray Blewitt, JP Construction opened-up about their own mental health journeys in this honest discussion in a bid to reduce stigma and drive the conversation forward within the wider industry. The session ended on a positive note about the industry’s potential to advance in ways that better support its people.

You can learn more about how to access help and support over at Get Construction Talking.


Digital Construction Week London 2024 was more than just an exhibition; it was a celebration of innovation and progress in the construction industry.

DCW 2024 made it clear that the future is digital. The integration of technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity for staying competitive and sustainable. From AI and machine learning to IoT, the tools and solutions displayed are set to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety across the industry.

If you could not make it this year, I highly recommend marking your calendar for the next DCW.

The future of our industry is here, and it is digital!