McAvoy welcomes 56 employees from LSI Architects

LSI Architects, a leading architectural firm based in Norwich and London, recently made the trip overseas to Northern Ireland for their annual study trip, in which they visited McAvoy’s headquarters in Lisburn. Having collaborated on many successful projects in the past, the visit was an opportunity to strengthen the partnership and give the LSI team an insight into life at McAvoy. The tour provided the team with hands-on experience of the McAvoy manufacturing process by building their own scale model of a module, and included a tour of the factory, a virtual reality (VR) demonstration as well as an engaging presentation session.

The factory tour gave the LSI team a first-hand view of the precision, coordination, and innovation behind McAvoy’s modular buildings, showcasing our solutions such as SmartSpace and QSpace. Following the tour, participants engaged in a VR demonstration, allowing them to explore a project we had collaborated on (Lister Community School), within a simulated environment.

Daniel Owen, Architectural Technologist at LSI Architects explained “The use of VR and AR Technology to aid the design, manufacture, and construction process, in particular for the purposes of co-ordination in the factory and on site in particular was impressive, as well as how these tools are being used to communicate design intent to clients. It was clear that the core principles of McAvoy align very closely with those of LSI Architects in terms of adding value for clients, investing in innovation through research development and in the approach to supporting the wellbeing of their team and supporting strong relationships.”

During the interactive workshop the team of 56 worked in groups to assemble their own scale model of a McAvoy module., . This practical exercise not only fostered a deeper understanding of modular design and manufacturing but also highlighted the complexities and challenges faced during the assembly of full-sized modules.

Martin Harvey, Head of Design & Technical Services at McAvoy, commented on the significance of the hands-on activity, stating, “It was great to be able to explain, via the building of the scale model, some of the real-life challenges we face during the design and manufacture of full-size modules. This proved to be much more effective and easier to demonstrate due to the interactivity of the exercise.”

Daniel Pedley, Associate Director at LSI Architects explained “The mini module construction challenge was great, bringing the team together to puzzle over the sequencing and design constraints of fabricating the units and their presentation of future developments really showed how the business continues to look to the future in partnership with its supply chain and designers.”

The day concluded with a presentation which highlighted how McAvoy is evolving to meet future needs, through its range of innovative space solutions, prioritising the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees, as well as its road to becoming Net Zero by 2050.

This visit was instrumental in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, providing LSI Architects with insights that will enhance our longstanding relationship and enable us to collaborate even more effectively on future projects.

Douglas Craven, Architect at LSI Architects explained “I realised that the perceptions I held of modular construction was in fact outdated, having not stood in a module before, just seeing it up close gave me a real appreciation for what can be achieved.”