The McAvoy Group features in BRE Q&A on BIM Level 2 certification

BIM Level 2

The McAvoy Group has featured in a BRE Q&A on how BIM Level 2 has reinforced its position as a leading provider of construction services.

McAvoy’s Design Manager David Clark explains how the BRE Global BIM Business Systems Certification reinforces our position as a leading provider of construction services across various sectors including education, health, leisure/accommodation and commercial/infrastructure sectors.

How long have you been using BIM in your projects and what have been the main challenges so far?

The McAvoy Group has been utilising BIM authoring tools from as far back as 2007, when we first introduced ArchiCAD as the primary CAD Software for the architectural design of our buildings. But it is since 2012 that our skill and experience with BIM has really developed rapidly: further software solutions such as Tekla Structures (Now Trimble Structures) and Miitek Woodengine were added to our software design suite, to ensure that the steelwork and timber framing elements were fully encapsulated within the overall BIM workflow and processes.

BIM Level 2 is government-driven, but are you embracing BIM as a business opportunity

The McAvoy Group’s BIM journey has not necessarily been driven by a market need, but rather by our vision to be market leaders with the skills and expertise to deliver better and more efficient design through improved BIM workflows.

Why have you sought BIM certification?

Following a formal gap analysis audit, undertaken through an external consultancy at the start of 2015, we identified the McAvoy Group’s position in relation to the Governments BIM Level 2 required deliverables. This led us to set the achievement of BIM certification as a key company objective. At this time, it was understood exactly where we needed to focus our efforts to ensure that we would fully meet with the BIM Level 2 requirements.

What was the approach to certification and how did you find the process?

From the very start, BRE Global communicated the overall process and requirements to the McAvoy Group. This meant that we were able to see clearly the path towards the end goal – which we successfully achieved by receiving our certification in advance of the Government’s 4th April 2016 target

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