McAvoy making flying progress at Dublin Airport


The McAvoy Group are continuing to make significant progress in the completion of a new Pre-Boarding Zone (PBZ) at Dublin Airport, for the Dublin Airport Authority.

Delivery of the 72 modular sections is being completed this month.

For the most efficient offsite build, the project was prioritised, procured and fabricated in three separate phases. ¬†McAvoy’s internal design and production teams carried out critical in-depth reviews to maximise the amount of work completed within the factory environment.

The PBZ at Dublin Airport was manufactured to create an open plan environment, using innovative modular techniques. Included in the build is five modular roof mounted plant room modules with independent stair access for DAA staff and maintenance contractors. An integrated structural canopy for employees and passengers at the airport is also included, to protect them while accessing planes, buses and the PBZ building itself.

At peak occupancy the building can hold 863 people, with over 8000 people passing through the building each day at Europe’s fasting growing airport. In total, the building will be 117 metres in length and 19.5 metres in depth.