McAvoy host Queen’s University students

lynch hill, modular school, queen's university

The McAvoy Group hosted a two stage visit by students undertaking Masters degrees in Construction Project Management and Construction Project Management & BIM on the 7th and 8th December 2016.

The first stage of the visit which was organised by  McAvoy Innovation Manager David Clark in partnership with Queen’s University, took place at the McAvoy Lisburn factory on 7th December. David Clark delivered a presentation on offsite construction and the McAvoy BIM journey then students were given a tour of the factory, and took part in a survey after trying out different test floors as part of a McAvoy innovation project.

The second part of the visit took place at the Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy site in Slough. The students were given a tour of the site and saw the building in various stages of completion which helped them better understand the processes used by McAvoy. The multi-million pound secondary school is due for completion in 2017 and is the largest modular school of its kind to date.