“Overall the finish on the building is of a very high standard. Our view is that compared to the sort of educational establishments we have seen that this is better than others, and many others in the field have agreed it’s better than they’ve experienced before too.”

“The educational space is really good; it’s very light and brighter and bigger than our expectations,” she said.

“McAvoy had to deal with a very challenging design due to the restrictions placed on it by the adjacent church. We couldn’t have windows along an entire wall of a classroom so we were afraid it might be dark, however, the way they designed it was very clever and with the borrowed light from the atrium it’s very bright.”

She said the students were very pleased with their new college and were ‘voting with their feet’ by happily congregating in the social spaces due to its light and airy feel and comfortable design.

Ms Clarkson said McAvoy had to deal with a number of issues of bureaucracy including the possibility of archaeological sensitive in the environs of the school and neighbouring church.

Despite that, she said McAvoy’s offsite manufacturing processes allowed for the commencement of the build, regardless, preventing any excessive delays.