McAvoy host a factory visit to Salisbury College students

Teachers and students from Salisbury Sixth form college came to visit our Lisburn factory on Friday 12 February 2016 to see where their new sixth form college was built and to understand offsite modular construction.

Having a tour around the factory has enabled me to realise the benefits of modular building and I am now able to explain to both current and perspective students more about how the building was built at the McAvoys factory. Getting to see other schools and sixth form buildings that have been built by you in the same way and seeing how incredible they were has made me more excited to get into the new building. It has also made me very thankful that we will have a sixth form building built this way. Whilst at the factory you could clearly see the passion that everyone had for McAvoys and the hard work that goes into building each section of the building. It was interesting to see how much work goes into the planning stage right through to the sections of the buildings being transported on lorries to the site. 

Miss Emily Bisdee, Student President at Salisbury Sixth Form College

S6C 2


Salisbury Sixth Form College, a 400 pupil school is a two storey school building which plans to hold a topping out ceremony on Wednesday 24 February to mark the progress on its new school building.

The college plans to open in May 2016 with the official opening planned in September 2016.