The McAvoy Group provides offsite turnkey construction solutions, working collaboratively as an established principal contractor, using innovative technology and processes, to deliver greater certainty of quality, programme and cost.

Build safer

Working in controlled factory conditions means your new building is delivered with significantly less risk than site-based construction

Less waste

Our robust offsite processes significantly reduce waste and material damage at every stage of the construction cycle

Build faster

Our innovative approach to design, offsite manufacturing and project management expertise give you the benefit of shorter programmes for earlier occupation

Greater build quality

We manufacture your buildings in a controlled factory environment and with a culture of excellence to achieve the highest quality standards every time

Consistently on time and budget

Our factory processes are meticulously planned and streamlined to give you greater transparency and certainty of delivery on time and on budget

Enhanced collaboration

We use the latest digital construction technologies which can immerse you in your building before a single wall is built, while our project management expertise ensures seamless delivery and communication throughout

Exceptional flexibility

Our smart offsite building system has unrivalled flexibility to deliver sizes and configurations to meet the precise needs of your project and building specification

Less disruption

Moving construction offsite into our factory means much less disruption and fewer vehicle movements to site for a safer, quieter and cleaner building project

Reduced whole life costs

Our buildings are designed to minimise impact on the environment at every stage, with low running costs, ease of remodelling and inherent recyclability

Faster return on investment

Our shorter programmes and greater predictability of handover on time and on budget will give you a faster return on your investment for improved financial performance