McAvoy is a forward-thinking organisation, full of people with big ideas, vision and the leadership to take them into the next generation, whatever the challenges. We are leaders in industry innovation and are already packed with an arsenal of credits.


Whether illustrating our commitment to creating innovative, environmentally-sensitive solutions or pioneering, state-of-the-art design, we are scaling the apex of technological know-how to achieve it.

Technology and innovation plays an integral part in helping McAvoy realise their goals by enabling enhanced design, planning and construction.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an increasingly critical element in our design and programme planning. Harnessing BIM Level 2 enables us to achieve optimum energy efficiency, through intelligent virtual design team collaboration, enhanced manufacturing and site installation methodologies and the over-arching management of all our resources.

Our adherence to the ethos of Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessments Methodology (BREEAM), produces buildings that boast the utmost energy efficiency.

McAvoy has also enthusiastically embraced the principles of the Government’s Construction 2025 policy, which aims to foster an efficient and technologically advanced industry that leads the world in low-carbon and green construction exports. The strategy also aims to cultivate construction industry workforces known for their talent and diversity.


McAvoy has already made strides towards the Government targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment by 50%.

Further aims are to secure a 33% reduction in the whole life costs of built assets, while delivering solutions 50% quicker using offsite construction technology.

McAvoy improved resource efficiency through investment in innovation such as teleconferencing, drones, standardisation and automation is manifesting itself in improved project delivery.

The McAvoy Innovation Forum further displays our commitment to innovation. The forum is designed to discover innovative ideas from our own people, using it as springboard to decide whether or not ideas will improve our processes. The forum is guided by CORE and LEAP innovation strategies. CORE innovations are incremental improvements with a small risk and reward, but responsive to market ideas.

LEAP innovations are the ideas being higher risk and taking longer to market, creating a unique solutions proposition to meet industry challenges.


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