Modular Off-site Schools

McAvoy Think Smart Build Smart, the leading offsite modular construction firm, offers exciting new solutions in the battle to fast track more space for schools.

The James Review on the future of schools capital has been recently launched. The key watchwords from the review are building condition, standardisation and more for less. James stated in the report that “lower-cost build processes can be designed in from the start” and that “over time, off-site construction will be possible for some standard elements.”

With this in mind McAvoy has put 40 years experience to good use, developing options we know offer schools a real opportunity to gain quality accommodation that is deliverable within budgetary restraints and is more sustainable in use. This applies to all options, from single classrooms to entire schools.

As experts in offsite building, we know and understand exactly the types of issues clients face; this is why the whole McAvoy package is geared towards relieving the pressures associated with the planning and delivery of additional facilities within a working school environment.

Now is an ideal time to explore the opportunities that McAvoy can deliver. Ask us about our smart schools concepts.