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    Carysfort NS Read Testimonial

    Carysfort National School, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

    Norma Linehan

    School Principal

    “Having The McAvoy Group responsible for both site works and providing the temporary modular classrooms meant a seamless process. They are a very efficient company which makes them easy to work with. The standard of their temporary accommodation is excellent. Students and teachers are very happy with their classrooms. I would highly recommend The McAvoy Group.”

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  • Salisbury Sixth Form College...

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    Salisbury Sixth Form College

    Kathryn Clarkson

    School Business Manager

    “Overall the finish on the building is of a very high standard. Our view is that compared to the sort of educational establishments we have seen that this is better than others, and many others in the field have agreed it’s better than they’ve experienced before too.”

    “The educational space is really good; it’s very light and brighter and bigger than our expectations,” she said.

    “McAvoy had to deal with a very challenging design due to the restrictions placed on it by the adjacent church. We couldn’t have windows along an entire wall of a classroom so we were afraid it might be dark, however, the way they designed it was very clever and with the borrowed light from the atrium it’s very bright.”

    She said the students were very pleased with their new college and were ‘voting with their feet’ by happily congregating in the social spaces due to its light and airy feel and comfortable design.

    Ms Clarkson said McAvoy had to deal with a number of issues of bureaucracy including the possibility of archaeological sensitive in the environs of the school and neighbouring church.

    Despite that, she said McAvoy’s offsite manufacturing processes allowed for the commencement of the build, regardless, preventing any excessive delays.

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  • Vauxhall International North W...

    North West 200 Read Testimonial

    Vauxhall International North West 200

    Mervyn Whyte MBE

    Event Director

    “The Vauxhall International North West 200 is a world class motor sport event and the largest outdoor sporting event in Ireland.  The week-long festival of motorcycling includes three days of practice and racing by the world’s best riders on the iconic ‘triangle’ circuit linking the towns of Portstewart, Coleraine and Portrush.  Incorporating seven days of music, food & drink, culture and entertainment, the NW200 welcomes an estimated 85,000+ fans and visitors from home and abroad.

    Over recent years, the infrastructure and logistics required to deliver this scale of event has continually grown and become ever more demanding.  The Race Control & Event Management Compound located adjacent to the Race Grid and Paddock area, is the main control centre to oversee the delivery of the event and is expertly assembled and disassembled by McAvoy each year.

    Commencing in March, this entire area comprising of multiple units is planned and delivered by McAvoy to fully meet the infrastructure demands of the NW200 Management Team, Sponsors, Statutory Agencies and support services for the event in May.  The standard of fitment supplied by McAvoy has been a key factor in establishing the credibility and professionalism of the North West 200 as a major tourist attraction.

    The comprehensive pre-event planning approach deployed by McAvoy, coupled with their professional resilience and flexibility, often in an extremely dynamic and challenging environment, has been essential in fully satisfying the demands of the event organisers, event partners and sponsors.”

  • UCB Manufacturing Ltd...

    modular pharmaceutical ireland Read Testimonial

    UCB Manufacturing Ltd

    Aidan McNabola

    Engineering Director

    “The former cabins had been in place in excess of 10 years, the standard of insulation was poor and there was a need for one open plan modern accommodation area.

    Following a tender process, UCB engaged The McAvoy Group to design, build and install a modular build system that would meet their future needs in a modern office accommodation building.

    The order was placed in Sept 2015, the 10 modules were delivered to site Feb 15th and were all assembled within one day. Within three weeks the build was fully complete ready for personnel to move in and the following week the area was occupied.

    Overall the project ran very smoothly with excellent co-ordination of design and build activities between UCB Personnel and McAvoy. The quality of the build is excellent and the handover to site was complete without any issue.

    We would have no hesitation contracting or recommending McAvoy for any similar type projects in future based on our experiences with this project.”

  • Kildare Educate Together NS...

    Kildare Educate Together NS Read Testimonial

    Kildare Educate Together NS

    Mr Gerry Breslin


    “We moved into our new building in August 2015. It was an incredible sight to behold. It is bright, spacious and has an incredible finish on it. The building design lends itself to a great school atmosphere as it is built around a courtyard. We are in a 16 classroom school with 2 special classes. The rooms are all bright and airy. All of them are colour coordinated and most importantly for us, the children love it.

    Everyone that comes to our school is in awe of it. We couldn’t be happier.”


  • McAvoy host a factory tour to ...

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    McAvoy host a factory tour to students from Salisbury Sixth Form College

    Miss Emily Bisdee

    Student President

    Getting the opportunity to travel to Northern Ireland to visit McAvoys where our new sixth form building was built was an incredible opportunity. Having a tour around the factory has enabled me to realise the benefits of modular building and I am now able to explain to both current and perspective students more about how the building was built at the McAvoys factory. Getting to see other schools and sixth form buildings that have been built by you in the same way and seeing how incredible they were has made me more excited to get into the new building. It has also made me very thankful that we will have a sixth form building built this way. Whilst at the factory you could clearly see the passion that everyone had for McAvoys and the hard work that goes into building each section of the building. It was interesting to see how much work goes into the planning stage right through to the sections of the buildings being transported on lorries to the site. Robben and I are both very thankful for you allowing us to visit the factory and the time and money you put into our visit. We had an amazing day and it has made us want to visit Northern Ireland again in the future.

     Thank you very much for arranging this visit for us, the day was very enjoyable and we learnt so much.

    Thank you again for an enjoyable and informative day!

  • Charlwood Village Infant Schoo...

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    Charlwood Village Infant School, Surrey

    Ms Vicky Lanham


    I wanted to email you to say how impressed we have been with McAvoy’s throughout our building works. From the Pre-Start meeting Paul was very easy to work with. He was approachable and explained anything which I didn’t understand, even if it took several attempts! He instilled confidence from the beginning and helped Governors and Senior Leaders to feel less anxious about the project.

    When the building works started Eamon made the project very easy. There was clear and consistent communication throughout. Eamon and his colleague Declan were always co-operative, polite and helpful throughout the process. I was consistently kept updated with progress and any questions asked were explained clearly. Claire was particularly helpful during Progress Meetings and explained procedures, as well as explaining different plans to help us understand, she always responded very quickly via email or by coming in to school.

    Both parents and Governors have commented on how smoothly and quickly the project was completed. I have recommended McAvoy’s to a school in a neighbouring county as they are looking to having some building works.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the McAvoy group for all their hard work and dedication to the project and for making it such a success.


  • Slough Borough Council...

    Modular hire from McAvoy Group Read Testimonial

    Slough Borough Council

    Julie Burke

    Project Manager, Slough Borough Council

    “The team were very professional and communicative. They responded quickly, courteously and effectively when issues arose during installation.

    “SBC had a requirement for two units on two schools simultaneously, requiring a very short turnaround from request. The schools had different ground conditions, features and access that were all tackled appropriately, with required pre-construction information. The installation was very swift, but correct. In terms of temporary modular units, the standard of unit was high.

    “McAvoy Group is on a framework for SBC to provide temporary modular accommodation.  I do also appreciate the success of any project is reliant upon the individuals involved. However, based upon the team we worked with, then yes, I would consider McAvoy for future projects even if SBC did not have a framework in place.”

  • Behavioural Support Units...

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    Behavioural Support Units

    Geoff Curran

    Property Manager at Hampshire County Council

    We went to each unit and I took the opportunity to ask the head- teachers, admin officers and teaching staff what they felt about the support units.

    Without exception everyone felt that :

    • they were excellent,
    • layouts worked well,
    • finishes/ colours were calming,
    • the cooling / heating arrangement was superb (it was particularly tested the day we were there when it was 35 degrees outside and about 22 degrees inside.
    • they loved the buildings

    Bearing in mind that we have never produced this type of unit before, and the complexities around the deployment last year,  this is a very good outcome.

    I have always felt that you get a more realistic appraisal of the client’s views a year after their occupation, and to get this sort of response universally across all of the staff at all three sites is as good as it gets on any project.

  • West Byfleet Junior School, Su...

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    West Byfleet Junior School, Surrey

    Lesley Lawrence


    “Our recent new build, single storey 3 classroom  extension, was completed by Mcavoy in August 2015. Not only was it completed on time and to exact specification, but we were absolutely thrilled

    with the quality of the finished building. Mcavoy have been a very professional company in all their dealings with the school and followed up any queries immediately.

    I would highly recommend this type of modular build for the quality of the finish and the lack of disruption caused to the existing workplace-definitely the way forward.

    Mcavoy truly demonstrate “think smart, build smart”. It was a pleasure to work with such dedicated professionals.”