Mission Vision & Values

Mission Vison and Values

In a world where build times are shrinking and end-user expectations are growing McAvoy is the perfect choice as a Principal contractor capable of taking the heavy lifting and delivering quality-driven construction projects on time and within budget. We’ve been a specialist contractor for more than 40 years so we’ve learned how to take the stress, uncertainty and concerns about project delivery and quality control off our clients’ shoulders.

Our pioneering and proven Build 21 smart methods ensure our buildings are constructed faster and better. Utilising the latest Business Improvement Modelling we can make sure our clients are provided with accurate whole-life costs and avoid costly over-runs. Choose McAvoy to help you overcome the construction challenges you face. Think Smart, Build Smarter.


Quality is a key cornerstone within McAvoy.  We have the most stringent quality processes administered by highly trained personnel and formally accredited to the most exacting industry standards. This sharp focus is applied to every detail at every stage of every building from design to installation.


Health & Safety

health-safetyOur modular buildings are created off-site enabling 90% fewer deliveries than comparable traditional build projects which means that work on-site is safer, quieter and cleaner. Health and Safety is at the forefront of our operations; throughout the entire business from the factory setting to our offices and on our construction sites.

Our commitment to employees across our whole business is to ensure the highest standards of health, safety and welfare at work. We are committed to the well-being of our employees and operate a culture that strives to nurture staff so that being quality-focused is promoted from director level to the shopfloor and on-site with clients. This encourages initiative and an ethos of self-governance within teams and ensures that your modular build needs are executed with excellence.

We strive to foster a motivational and productive work environment that champions talent and celebrates teamwork through diversity and inclusiveness. We exercise our stringent health and safety responsibilities, in accordance with governmental directives, both in the UK and Ireland. These include CHAS, SafePass and Safe-T-Cert.

Integrated Responsible Business

corporate-social-responsibilityWe ensure that our workforce is sufficiently accredited to deliver the most professional service possible. We are a recognised centre for training excellence in skills such as joinery and engineering to NVQ, CSR and SafePass.

Our focus on developing employee capability is seen in our training system that ensures employees have the right skills for their job.

Sustainability & Environmental

sustainability-environmentalWe ensure that sustainability is embedded in all aspects of our business from design, material selection, procurement, construction practices and the life of our buildings. Our Environmental Management System is certified by ISO 14001.  We are dedicated to supporting responsible management of the world’s forests through our FSC Chain of Custody certification

Our ability to design and construct projects which meet BREEAM ‘Excellent’ and ‘Very Good’ standards underpins our commitment to deliver sustainable building design and construction solutions.

Community Engagement

community-engagementOur aim is to make a lasting positive impact on the communities in which we work. We have achieved this by embedding the Considerate Constructors Scheme ethos into our construction projects. We lend our support to a wide range of good causes ranging from local charities to national fundraising campaigns: Charities supported in 2015 Cystic Fibrosis, Cancer Focus NI, Macmillan Cancer Care Support.

We are a member of the Northern Ireland Safety Group and our H&S Manager has been working with local schools to provide pupils entering into the work experience phase of their study with an introduction to workplace health and safety to pupils.